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    MaShanna Ball-Giving Tree Realty - "Available Now" Brochure

    7 days ago

    MaShanna Ball-Giving Tree Realty - Congratulations to The Sandoval’s! Such a sweet couple and I’m so happy for you both🏡

    3 weeks ago

    MaShanna Ball-Giving Tree Realty - New Listing in Concord NC. Call 704-594-1092 for details. List price: $165,000

    4 weeks ago

    MaShanna Ball-Giving Tree Realty - Search for homes right from my Facebook page! Please feel free to contact me or schedule a showing. Start searching now:

    1 month ago
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    Meteor 101
    2-27-18 7:00 pm - TBA
    Meteor Charlotte

    Curious what Meteor is? Come to hb5 co/work in Concord and get some basic Meteor knowledge, ask questions and then stick around for the Meteor Meetup

    February 2018
    2-27-18 7:00 pm - TBA
    Photography Hobbyist of Concord nc

    I think January was a great success with the daily photo challenge, I know that you have to be determined to set time out of your busy day to pick up the cameras, but if you tried one day last month maybe this month you will set a goal to do at...

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    Sense of Purpose

    Charlotte Loves Music! of Purpose performs your favorite mix of pop, rock, blues, reggae, and funky soul. Absolutely free every Sunday night at Tyber Creek Pub.  Come join us!   Chris...

    CITPG Monthly Meeting: Dan Watson; Vulnerabilities, Firmware, Action

    Carolina IT PRO User Group (CITPG)

    Dan is the alpha on security, don't miss out on this opportunity to hear crucial information from the top dog! Do you leave the basement door of your house unlocked? If you have not heard of the Mirai botnet or remember Stuxnet you will want to...

    Tomb of Annihilation - session twelve

    Role-Playing Games - Charlotte, NC

    This will be run with 5e Adventure league rules. FYI I am NOT running on Feb 12.

    Gracklstugh, the City of Blades

    Role-Playing Games - Charlotte, NC

    Gracklstugh is a cavern city and subterranean port. It has smelters and foundries mingling among stalagmites. The air smells acrid and is filled with industrial sounds: fire, steam, and iron ringing. The city is lit by firelight. The cavern...

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    Welcome to my new web site

    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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